Come horse around!

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy your visit to our little slice of western heritage!

Visit the Ranch


Come on in!

There is no fee to enter and explore the ranch from November through September. It is free to the public though donations to assist with feeding our amazing animals and help maintain the property are greatly appreciated! We do charge an entrance fee in October for our Annual Pumpkin Patch and we can be closed due to weather or a Private Event! Always call in advance before taking a drive to the Ranch to confirm that we are open to the public that day!

Petting Zoo

We have a large walk-in petting zoo available for you to explore at your leisure! It is complete with pigs, chickens, peacocks, goats, sheep, and miniature ponies. All looking for you to pet and  give them lots of love. 


While you roam around the Ranch you will find some yard games that you are more than welcomed to play!  Try roping a steer, play a game of connect four, giant "jean"-ga, horseshoes, and more! Plenty to keep the whole family entertained for hours.

Pony Rides

Our "pony" rides are on full sized horses and led around our Courtyard. This complimentary ride is for children 12 years old and younger. Each child will receive 1 ride if we have a wrangler or volunteer available. These are subject to availability as it is our first priority to ensure that our scheduled tours get out on time. There could be a minimum wait of 45 minutes or longer during the Holidays or Spring Break Season. We appreciate your patience and if you enjoyed your ride please kiss your horse and kindly tip your guide!


Do I need to make a reservation to visit the Ranch?

No reservations are needed to visit the Ranch! Only if you would like to take a Horseback Ride or Stagecoach Ride tour! Pony rides are subject to availability and if there is a wait we ask that you visit the petting zoo or play some games until we have someone available. 

Last time I was here it was October and you had a ton of other activities, are those still available? 

Unfortunately, no. That is why we charge an entrance fee in October due to all of the extra games, hayrides, the train, and more - we require additional staff and it is only seasonal for the Pumpkin Patch. For the rest of the year we keep it simple with the petting zoo, pony rides, yard games, and schedule our guided tours,  Cowboy Cookouts, and Private Events

Can I bring my dog to the Ranch while we walk around?

No. We do not allow outside animals at the Ranch.

Do you sell food at the Ranch? 

We do not have food for sale other than in October for our Pumpkin Patch or if you have a scheduled event or cookout with us. You can bring a sack lunch or picnic as long as you do not sit in an area that will be used for an event at that time. We can also recommend some great places near by for lunch or dinner!

Can I ride the pony with my child? They are a little nervous. 

No, we do not allow double riding. However, we do ask that all pony riders have a parent or adult walk next to them to keep them comfortable while they take their ride. 



All donations go to food for our animals and maintaining a healthy and well kept facility for them to live their best lives. We thank you for your kindness and generosity.