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From the beginning MacDonald’s Ranch was a horse and cattle operation in the late 1950’s. The Richardson family is still working that land to this day. Initially the spread consisted of 36,000 acres in the desert that is now North Scottsdale. In the Spring of 1970, on Easter Sunday, Old MacDonald’s Farm opened to the public. The Richardson family realized a dream of a business that gave the public a hands on approach to the ranch experience. A place where kids from the city could watch a cow being milked, see live ranch animals, and be in a natural surrounding as you ride in the Sonoran Desert. This became Old MacDonald’s Farm.  Years passed, the Valley grew, and with the exception of Old MacDonald’s Farms’ 1300 acres, the land surrounding became a few shopping centers and housing developments. In 1994 Old MacDonald’s Farm was updated to MacDonald’s Ranch and our services changed to offer an atmosphere where you can relax and take a step back in time to an overview of ranch life. Now, in our fourth decade of operation, MacDonald’s Ranch is one of Scottsdale’s oldest and most experienced horseback riding stables, making it the premier western adventure in the Valley of the Sun.  We are very proud of our horses. They are in the best of shape, well maintained, and honest to the bone. We have bred and continue to breed these horses ourselves so that they develop their gentle behavior. All of our babies are born on a desert pasture; which allows them to naturally grow up healthy, develop great bone structure, and learn about the desert from day one. It is this upbringing that allows them to adapt to the desert vegetation and the unpredictable desert climates. At around 8 years old, and when they have completed their extensive training they are ready for our guests to enjoy and ride!  Between our excellent horses, owners, office staff and the real cowboys and cowgirls here at MacDonald’s Ranch you will always be in good hands! We take great pride not only in our horses, but in our crew. We strive for you to have an experience you will talk about for years to come!

Our History, Horses and Crew